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Why sit on the outside looking in? Log on and say hello.
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:13:24 PM »
To all the very active members to those that pop in and just look and to those that left the forum for no reason may I as owner of You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year and may all your eggs be fertile with quality. Please press the center of the link attached its not a virus I promise you.
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The John Wrenne Forum Team.

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Hi Guests ...Don't walk away once you get this far
. John

This is the John Wrenne Forum launched on the 28th of February 2007 - The original and still the best bird forum in Ireland and the UK. If you are a member of another forum you are very welcome to pop in and say hello and maybe you will like what we have to offer.

People from all over the world are welcome to join and once you have, you will have at least one thing in common with our current members and that is we keep and breed birds. We have quality members who have bred many different species of bird who are very willing to help the new comers as well as the experienced. The forum is a place where like-minded fanciers can share their hobby, both the ups and downs. The site has grown and flourished beyond recognition. It has become a place packed full of information and where respected breeders are able to give first hand advice on any given topic.

In addition to sections on canaries, British birds and their mules and hybrids the forum has many other sections including:-
.         genetic information for some of the birds
.         questions and answers
.         how to
.         Foreign finches, softbills and many other birds
.         information on bird care - feeding and medicines
.         wanted and for sale
.         members breeding diaries

I would like to welcome you in advance of your joining and please take part and respect each and every member on here be they starters in the fancy or long time bird men and women.

It just leaves me to say come and visit and see what you think.

John Wrenne, Administrator and owner.

Please note that a valid email address is required for your account to be activated. If you are having trouble registering please contact me: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
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